heART and Intention.

Earlier this week, Questlove of The Roots posted a clip of the U2 eXPERIENCE & iNNOCENCE tour in his IG story. The production design was incredibly innovative and some of the design elements were reminiscent of sci-films such as The Fifth Element and Blade Runner 2049. Midway through he shared a pan shot of the entire stadium, and it was jaw-dropping at how many people were in the audience, all experiencing the show in unison. As a performer, when you think of the needs of an audience and the fact that they have chosen to spend two or more hours of their time with you—given that time is much more expensive than money—it is a major show of trust when they commit to your performance. Aside fro

Faith x Mindset... Plus One.

About seven years ago, I found myself falling further into a depression that originated from a growing anger and frustration with a number of personal challenges and disappointments I had been grappling with throughout my twenties and thirties--all of which would unknowingly set my course towards a greater pain that I thought I would never experience in domestic violence. Previous to that experience, at the genesis of that downward slope, I got desperate one day and opened the scriptures to reread the parable of the woman with the issue of blood. I read it over and over frantically, pouring over the details, trying to figure out how I could get from under where I was, but I couldn't find an

The Finer Things

I was house-sitting in Burbank for a friend back in 2006 and was charged with watering the front and back lawns and the backyard floral and plants three times a week. Every time I would water the front lawn I would find myself diddling around with the valve key, while waiting for the water to saturate the soil, but couldn't place where my fascination with the key was coming from, or why I was enjoying playing with it so much. A few years ago, I came across this picture and had to laugh. Although I don't remember this moment with my dad, somehow in my spirit, a little person has been secretly working to relive the calm and happiness of those days. We take so much for granted at the outset of

Under the Influence: Thoughts on Depression

I was thinking this morning about what to blog about and the topic of depression came to mind. It is something I've struggled with and looking back it reminded me of some of the decisions I've made that in hindsight I can see were heavily influenced by my perspective on life at the time. When you first trip into that mudhole, it can easily turn to quicksand when compounded by the effects of a bad decision made under an altered state of mind. Dealing with depression is similar to being under the influence of a hallucinogenic, so nowadays I always try to be mindful of my emotional state when I'm facing a challenge or working on a project... filtering my thoughts before they become words and re

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