Mastering the Change of Modulation.

A couple of weeks ago, while visiting family in New Orleans, I had an opportunity to visit The Presbytère, a former monastery residence, which is now a museum, located adjacent to the Louis XIV Cathedral facing Jackson Square in the French Quarter. The museum houses two large exhibits dedicated to the events and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and an extensive exploration of every cultural facet surrounding Mardi Gras. Within the Katrina exhibit there is a display midway before the exit celebrating the city's resilience and ability to weather fires, natural disasters, wars and epidemics, while retaining its culture through the adaptations and innovations made along the way. The featured messa

Great Expectations.

Expectations are formed early on in life. Over time, environment, culture and experiences groom your thought-life, training you to expect the best or the worst of every scenario and personal encounter, minor or major. When overlaid with dysfunction, these factors can lead to the corrosion of outlook, resulting in an entitlement mindset or life of doubt and self-abasement. Interpersonal relationships can also have a major influence on your expectations, particularly with family. Unrealistic or lowered expectations can go viral through the family tree via the flawed perspective of a parent or elder, looking to confirm or rebuild their lack of or inflated sense of self-worth through the next ge

Environmental Protections: How to Survive the Toxicity of Your Environment Throughout Your Career

Environment is generally defined as the elements and surrounding space in which one lives. Your principle power as an artist lies in the ability to create and alter environments for the betterment of others through your talent and gifts. At the same time, regardless of the level of your career, you will likely be battling the toxicity of the very environment you’re serving. There are everyday challenges that can range from the misalignment of work-life balance and the inconveniences experienced while living life on the road to the pressures of making the rent each month and managing acute health issues. All of these things, of course, are secondary to the challenge of securing a solid, trust

When One Door Closes, And The Next One Closes As Well--What Do You Do?

Rejection is never easy to receive. In the case of realizing your career goals, it is rare to ever learn the exact reason why you were rejected for an opportunity. Most feedback offered will be mixed with a placating neutrality to buffer any anticipated reactions of anger or combativeness, particularly in a corporate environment. It can be additionally confusing when you’ve received commendations on what you’re holding in terms of talent or ability—only to have the door politely closed on you, as you approach. In those moments after, you can be left with a lot of questions from the mixed messaging received. It is difficult to remain objective and not take the rejection personally, when the c

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