The Courage to Let Go.

Courage is a trait that is mostly associated with the confrontation of fear, injustice and immediate physical danger. But there is a different kind of courage required in closing the door and walking away from your expectations and the comfort of what you know to be true. There are consequences to that type of courage, in the act of moving forward, that force an acceptance of change—ushering your development into a person you’ve never seen or no longer recognize. While studying towards my masters in screenwriting, I created a vision board, stacked top to bottom with images that reflected the dreams and career ambitions I was working towards. It included pictures of performance artists I want

The Decoy of Rejection.

2018 has presented a whirlwind of distraction universally—no matter what country, city or state you live in. I can’t imagine a single person who has not been affected by the events of this year. There is a tremendous level of anarchy and sensationalism serving as a cover for a larger wave of major political, environmental and welfare changes, the result of which will soon become apparent in the next five years or less. Even locally here in Los Angeles, there are numerous changes being made to the internal LA landscape with the introduction of the Metro Rail through South Central and other key residential areas. These local changes, in conjunction with the massive residential and commercial c

To Be, Or Not Plan B.

Plan B. There is a comfort in knowing you have an option to fall back on—just in case you change your mind. Having a Plan B sounds good in theory, as a working artist. It sounds smart—the type of action taken by someone who has considered all the contingencies and weighed the pros and cons. But in securing a Plan B, does that negate the strength and viability of your Plan A? Is your need for a Plan B already an admittance of failure? Conversely, how do you know if your Plan A is worthy of further investment? The legitimacy and lifespan of a Plan A can usually be determined in the why behind it. Who is your Plan A serving? Is it principally serving your need for validation and importance, or

Hope: The Safety Helmet of Mindset.

The importance of mindset has become a key talking point within startup and pop culture—the power of which is rarely ever fully explored towards the end goal of effecting change for society-at-large. Mindset—the collective beliefs that inform a person’s thoughts, words, decisions and actions—ultimately pave a path towards successful self-actualization or failed human potential. Generally, most messaging around the importance of mindset centers around the achievement of personal or career goals, however on a universal level, we are all interconnected by our humanity—so the concept of mindset and its impact proves far more crucial beyond improving the individual quality of life. Every human li

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