Improvisation and the Cultivation of Faith.

Improvisation is defined as “the ability to create and perform spontaneously without preparation; to produce from whatever is available”. It is a celebrated skill within art and entertainment, specifically within music—as demonstrated in Hip-Hop, and most notably Jazz. The ability to improvise is a key signifier of merit of a jazz artist, and is an attribute that is synonymous with the art form. The creation of new melodic and harmonic language within the closed vocabulary of a song is the ultimate demonstration of artistic and intellectual depth that speaks to the creative insight and ingenuity of both musicians and vocalists, in being able to reinvent and personalize a song through the ind

Working Together for the Good: The Calling to Create.

In the hustle and hurriedness of living, it is easy to forget how short and fragile life is and that you are one of billions of lives—7.7 billion currently—that are passing through the realm of planet earth. When you consider the enormity of life experiences past, present and future, and all of the deceit, violence and injustice that has been committed, and is currently in-progress, it is a wonder that humanity has progressed as far as it has. You would assume that with every generation, human character would advance in step with technology, but only the flaws and failings continue to evolve and reoccur. A historical overview of cultures and countries overwhelmingly speak toward a need for c

A Love Supreme.

Acknowledgement. Resolution. Pursuance. Psalm. These are the four musical suites of the classic recording “A Love Supreme” written by legendary jazz master and saxophonist, John Coltrane, in Huntington, New York in 1964. Within the album’s liner notes, Coltrane provided the underlying purpose for the composition: “This album is a humble offering to Him. An attempt to say ‘THANK YOU GOD’ through our work, even as we do in our hearts and with our tongues. May He help and strengthen all men in every good endeavor.” The composition is a living statement of praise which encapsulates the depth of the personal relationship between creation and the Creator in its entirety, but also serves as a bluep

The Backflip: The Laws of Physics and Self-Care.

Hip-hop artist and recent Pulitzer Prize honoree, Kendrick Lamar posted a series of vintage, on-the-road video vignettes on Instagram this week—one of which featured his point-of-view perspective from a mountaintop. He quipped: “…Made it all the way to the top. I backflipped all the way up here.” It was a loaded statement, on reflection, given what the ability to backflip represents. It is an enviable, and necessary skill in sports such as gymnastics, as well as hand-to-hand combat—one that requires power and demonstrates the ability to defy gravity, while symbolizing the act of going against the norm. It requires bravura, focus, grace, succinctness of movement and development of the core mu

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