There are so many variables that converge in the successful growth and productivity of an artist with the factorization of attributes and practices such as: Discipline, Perseverance, Networking, Integrity, Strategic Planning and Talent. However, out of all the variables to be accounted for towards a successful creative career, one of the most integral and overlooked, that is usually the most suppressed and feared in terms of the creative career is Unpredictability: the X-Factor that often propels and shapes the success trajectory and self-actualization of an artist. The factor of unpredictability is an inherent attribute of creation and can be witnessed within the metamorphosis and evolution

Creative Faith.

What is faith—exactly? It is often lauded within pop and start-up culture as the common denominator to success along with hard work, discipline, desire and talent. Faith has traditionally been defined by the ability to maintain optimism in the face of disaster. In other instances, it has unfortunately been reduced to a simple state of hopeful emotion. Per scripture, faith is defined as: The substance of things hoped for; to be certain of the unseen—And without it, works are dead. When fully embraced and merged with the act of creativity, faith becomes a source of creative power that not only prevents artists from being held hostage by judgment or praise, but also opens up the pathway toward

Unconditioned Creativity.

The life of an artist and creative can easily become overwrought and inhibited by worry and anxiety that if left unattended, can eventually block the flow of creative insight and inspiration. An unconditioned creativity—an automatic, natural state of creativity that thrives and perseveres through difficulty—can shield against the destructive effects of anxiety towards continued productivity. A life of unconditioned creativity can be cultivated through the following practices: Self-care: In addition to a healthful diet and regular exercise—adequate rest is crucial in supporting and maintaining the physical and mental infrastructure that houses creative thought. Author, entrepreneur and though

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