Building Creative Endurance Through Healthy Relationships.

Periods of transition in life are often camouflaged as hardship along the road towards self-actualization, and are manifested through the breaking and resetting of faith or perspective, until a plateau is reached, preceding the next breaking and reset. The pathway of artists naturally lends itself to the breaking and resetting process through the familiar ups and downs of the creative professional path, such as: rejection, financial challenges, industry downturns and professional betrayal. The ability to endure these transitionary periods of breaking and resetting is often attributed to an inner tenacity fostered through a perseverant mindset and thoughtlife—however, one of the most critical

Creating for the Glory.

Artists and creatives often view their work as an extension of their value—practicing their craft in hopes of one day winning the prestige and glory commensurate with their talent. When that expectation of glory goes unmet, it is helpful, as it can expose privately held attachments to external valuation and can be useful as a guide towards redirecting individual expectation towards achieving the innate glory yielded through the practice of purposeful creativity. Universally, the notion of creativity has largely been understood and defined as a resource and power that ends and begins with the individual, despite the numerous reminders within nature that human existence and creativity are exte

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