The Word of Creativity From Within.

There are numerous qualities and resources that are imperative to successful creativity. In addition to the more commonly recognized attributes such as faith, hope, joy, love, patience and discipline—talent, space, time, finance, passion, purpose and intellect are equally important to the creative process. However, aside from these, there is one element that proves crucial for creatives in manifesting the shape and form of the imagination: the word of creativity from within. The word of creativity within provides an artist vision: the shape, sound, sight, and substance of what they are called to create—serving as the nucleus of the creative act. The act of speaking the word of creativity in

The Wait: The In-Between of Launching a Creative Career.

Some creative careers begin auspiciously, in little to no time, with all of the details in perfect alignment—an unmistakable confirmation of destiny. Others take significant time to launch, taking years and sometimes decades to develop. In those years of waiting, an artist’s perception of their individual craft can sometimes become distorted—what was once revered as valuable can later depreciate in perception with a creative gift appearing more like an expensive hobby, in light of the time and expense afforded to its upkeep. Stalled career progress can lead to discouragement and later embitterment, with an artist gradually losing interest and faith in what they were called to create. In the

Realizing the Potential of Creative Mistakes.

No one practices or prepares to make a mistake, particularly in the midst of creating or performing, but mistakes are an unavoidable part of the creative process, particularly in the early stages of artistic development. They are uncomfortable to endure in the short term and sometimes expensive, in time, merit or money, but hold currency towards the mastery of craft, undiscovered knowledge, and the cementing of individual style and artistic expression. However, that same currency can remained unclaimed when embarassment or condemnation linger in the face of creative error. How can an artist remain open and receptive, when mistakes occur, to collect on their creative potential? The determinin

Navigating the In-Between of Creative Evolution.

The life of an artist is naturally shaped and defined by periods of transition, given the metamorphic nature of creativity. During those transitionary periods of change or upheaval, artists can find themselves frozen in the in-between, deferring to past successes or failures--while deliberating the necessity to walk forward into new creative and professional doors that lie ahead, in order to avoid the risk of the unknown. In the face of transition, how can an artist empower themselves to move out of their plateau of previous experience to achieve reinvention and creative self-actualization? At the outset of the creative journey, every artist aspires to live a life shaped by their passion for

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