The Power of Creative Silence.

The creative silence experienced during writer’s block can take place within any artistic genre or idiom outside of the literary arts and can be particularly agonizing in the wake of deadlines for deliverables due. Regardless of how many accommodations are made in time and space, the first note or sketch of a new work can remain a no-show—the frustration of which can further hamper the creative process, with an artist seemingly being trolled and antagonized by their own gift. In the wake of looming deadlines and creative deliverables due, what can artists and creatives do to maximize periods of rest notes during the creative process towards productivity? There are multiple strategies availa

Mercy and Compassion: The Keys for Creative and Personal Success.

It eventually happens, and when it does, it can be difficult to reconcile the loss. For artists and creatives, there may be no worse feeling than being cheated, maligned, or misrepresented—and losing control of a business interest or having their personal brand injured in the process. When the occasion occurs, it can easily result in a need for reactive, retaliatory actions to demonstrate strength and power--particularly in an industry, creative or entertainment, that does not instill or thrive on compassion, but thrives on offensive measures. In the case of personal or professional betrayal, what can an artist do to protect themselves and their creative interests in business without appeari

Faith and the Art of the Promise.

Talent is promissory in nature—an indicator of creative and career promise and potential. When an artist initially undertakes the shepherding of their gift and answers the call to create, there can be a honeymoon phase of idealization towards its potential, followed by a maturation process of testing and development that may reroute their career ambitions. When artists and creatives encounter a reconfiguration of their original aspirations in the career choices that lie ahead, how can compromise be avoided? Contextually, the act of compromise is a loaded concept. In some instances, it is viewed as subjugation—a settling for less, in the face of opposition. In other instances, the practice is

Maintaining Creative Confidence in the Face of Criticism.

Although professional and marketplace criticism are unavoidable realities of the creative career, it is easy to become distracted by them, given the basic human desire for acceptance and approval by others. For artists and creatives, criticism, whether constructive or unwarranted, is never really anticipated at the release of their work—as the sharing of it in the marketplace is an indicator of its perceived value and worthiness. In today’s viral digital climate, the offense generated from a critical review or seemingly off-handed comment can result in an artist’s preoccupation with defending their work and a disruption to the creative process. In an atmosphere of unsolicited criticism, wher

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