Navigating the Valleys of the Creative Career.

Career silence can be an intimidating prospect for artists and creatives weathering high levels of success or relative obscurity. As with the art and practice of jazz improvisation, there may be a temptation to fill bars of career silence with content for the sake of visibility or relevance among peers to maintain or gain marketplace territory in the in-between, resulting in atonal content that dilutes their artistic voice and creative vision. In an era where perpetual presence in the marketplace has become a metric for commercial value and relevance, how can artists better maximize and embrace periods of career silence, whether incidental or self-imposed, and avoid the trap of creating for

Building Immunity Through Resilience: The Creative's Guide for Managing Failure.

The career path of a creative is a marathon of self-discipline and self-accountability that extends far beyond the euphoria of momentary goal-point wins—in essence, it is a marriage of talent and craft requiring a high level of resilience and consistency towards a successful outcome. Conversely, it is ironic that although this same level of resilience is lauded and celebrated within culture, it is mostly acquired through failure and adversity—which are culturally deemed as taboo experiences to be avoided at all costs. In a culture that embraces the wins, yet ostracizes in the face of loss, how can artists and creatives retain their focus and a healthy perspective towards embracing the failur

Satisfying Success: Fulfilling the Appetites of the Creative Career.

It is easy for an artist to become enamored with the fruits of their career, conflating critical praise and financial comfort with creative merit and ability in a marketplace where merit is largely predicated on sales and the size of an artist’s platform. Over time, this results-driven outlook can upstage an artist’s intuitive voice, resulting in an artist’s mimicry of past creative—or in the case of artists looking to breakout from a lukewarm career of anonymity, an artist’s conformity to the supply and demand of the marketplace to achieve financial success—with both scenarios ultimately leading to passive creativity and disillusionment. Amidst the economic realities and competitive pressur

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