Discipline: The New Year #relationshipgoal for Artists and Creatives.

The approach of each New Year presents a Polaroid capture of the personal and professional hills and valleys preceding it, along with a screenshot of the potential promise ahead in the scaling of new goals and forgotten dreams. However, the strategizing towards those goals can quickly become overshadowed by a punitive outlook towards the discipline required to realize them. In a world where creative and professional success has been equated to and associated with struggle and deprivation, how can artists and creatives embrace and embody discipline as an asset and avoid being hampered by restrictive resolutions? For artists and creatives, one of the keys to successfully embracing a lifestyle

Faith versus FOMO.

The career path of artists and creatives is largely synonymous with a life of sacrifice and uncertainty—as most creative industries are largely risk-based. Personal and professional sacrifices made over time during the in-between of an artist’s development can sometimes breed a fear-of-missing-out of the securities and benefits associated with a traditional career trajectory, which can limit their potential, leaving them anchored in the same GPS radius of limited perspective and professional experience. How can artists and creatives manage and overcome FOMO and avoid a preventive lifestyle, and remain proactive in their careers? Although a growth mindset is largely touted in overcoming menta

The Creative Power of Influence.

True authority is unmistakable to discerning eyes. In parallel to the subtle markers of wealth, the depth and potency of individual authority becomes evident through behavior when it is utilized to engineer progress, or used as an accessory to showcase value and importance. Likewise, for artists and creatives, levels of authority and influence range from the superficial, in the form of social media following, industry connections and affluence to the highest level towards affecting change of atmosphere and environments within the culture. In a marketplace that can sometimes work to stymie creative potential by hyper-focus on surface metrics, how can artists cultivate true creative power and

Identifying the Worth in Your Creative: An End-of-Year Review.

It is common practice to take an overview of the year during the month of December. For artists and creatives, the math of faith over facts yields varying results. While others experience tangible metrics of success, others may find themselves navigating a run of bad luck—as a good portion may still find themselves awaiting a breakthrough moment in their careers, reminiscent of the George Bailey narrative of the Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”, where hopes and promise are saddled with delays and setbacks. In a marketplace and culture where worth is measured by hard sales and engagement across social media platforms, how can artists and creatives maintain the worth of what they crea

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