Cultivating Creativity in the Embrace of the Unknown.

Space, and the silence that embodies it, can be uncomfortable to embrace for many—particularly in conversation, while dating. When it occurs in the early stages of relationship building, some choose to override the threat of the unknown within that silence by filling the space with self-serving machinations and narrative that validate and buffer against rejection--instead of utilizing the time and silence within those spaces towards evaluating or cultivating relationship potential. In parallel, when embraced with purposeful, clear intent, space can become a valuable asset for artists—providing opportunities towards exercising and building cognitive creativity and artistic intuition. When art

Creative Abundance in the Pursuit of Wealth.

Money is important. It is crucial towards providing the firmament of a balanced life—in the form of basic universal essentials, such as: food, clothing, shelter and access to health and child care. Money and access to capital are equally important for entrepreneurs—particularly for artists and creatives—towards realizing their work and creative vision, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle free of financial limitations. At the outset of their careers, most artists and creatives hold varied motivations towards realizing financial freedom and security through their art. Some aspire to simply be able to spend without feeling the expense—acquiring a form of sustainable independence. Others work t

The Path to Creative Transfiguration.

Most artists and creatives carry a natural desire and ambition for the spotlight--and in turn to have their work appreciated at scale. However, as powerful and satisfactory as that spotlight may be in conquering the hustle and flow of the marketplace or moving the needle of industry trends, there is another point of light that allows an artist to transcend the temporal aesthetics of status and wealth towards impactful creativity—resulting in a transfiguration of an artist’s craft. This light can be accessed through the mindful positioning of artists and creatives under the light of the Creator’s influence and intuit through the practice of meditation and prayer, with the goal of self-awarene

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