#KTSE Creativity: How to Maintain Momentum Through the Chaos of Change

The memory of this particular leap year will be framed by great and unexpected loss--heightened by the economic effects of COVID-19 in the dismantling of livelihoods and streams of income due to social distancing mandates. In the shock and panic from news coverage and the growing restlessness from self-isolation efforts, there has been an urgency to return to business as usual. Despite the disruption and unease, however, for many artists and creatives, self-isolation has served as an incubation period for creative exploration, experimentation, and evolution in the production and distribution of their work—allowing time for quality assurance in the strengthening of their platforms. As the vir

How to Maximize Downtime: Perspective for Artists and Creatives.

Isolation is intrinsic to the creative process and journey, as experienced through the haphazardness of business and tour travel, market downturns or the voluntary solitude that allows for the requisite focus and study needed to strengthen performance and technique. Regardless of circumstance, isolation also provides an opportunity towards the strengthening of morale and quarantine of the mind against destructive environments, influences and distractions that hamper creative wellness and development. However, despite best efforts made to maximize periods of solitude, patterns of creative deficiency can reoccur, when artists unknowingly self-isolate to the darkness of limited understanding an

Cultivating Courage: The Key to Artistic Growth and Development.

The creative journey requires courage—the courage to believe and remain consistent and committed in the face of personal, professional and marketplace losses and disruptions that sometimes leave a lasting influence against an artist’s faith. In a bid for self-preservation, sometimes artists and creatives can find themselves living out a lower-case courage that runs counterintuitive to their calling and creative purpose—a courage that ultimately limits their potential. In the aftermath of professional and personal injuries, how do artists and creatives capitalize their courage to believe and create against present and previous circumstances that confirm their fears of continued loss or failu

The Heart of Creativity.

There are certain words and catch-phrases that are unique to every country, region and culture, used to communicate universal values and experience. “Having heart”—a phrase indigenous to South Los Angeles, Hip-Hop culture—translates as the embodiment of significant tenacity and courage, and by extension, indicates an equal capacity towards self-sacrifice. For artists and creatives, that level of “heart” carries the same translation in the adoption of disciplines, work ethic and the lifestyle of sacrifice necessary to manifest career success—and also requires an extensive knowledge and understanding of craft and marketplace dynamics, in order to properly steward resources of time and money to

Faith: The GPS at the Heart of the Creative Career.

When navigating the current of the creative career, strategic planning is intrinsic to the successful realization of artistic and commercial goals. Although time is a necessary component in the execution and actualization of each career goal point, there will inevitably be personal or professional challenges that confront even the most fortified strategy, requiring decisive action in the form of patient perseverance, acknowledgment and acceptance of unexpected detours, or a wild-card leap forward to sync with opportunities ahead. In a career path and marketplace anchored in and defined by change and trends, how can artists and creatives embrace and adapt to the decisions that are necessary t

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