Humility and Emotional IQ: The Keys to Effective Creativity.

The creative journey is a road that places cyclical demands on the endurance of those who travel it. For most, the ability to meet those demands requires a cognitive faith in the marriage of thought, belief and action to successfully clear personal and professional obstacles and hurdles—in addition to an uninhibited vulnerability in order to attract and reel in the unseen promises of both career and craft. When artists and creatives lose their heart in the process through hardship or betrayal, the memory of that loss can breed a level of distrust that intensifies during times of uncertainty and chaos. In a marketplace and career path that necessitates risk towards cultivating creative and pr

Defying the Law of Gravity: Perspective for Artists and Creatives.

The concept of leveling up within pop culture is contextually tied to a win-against-the-odds underdog narrative, mostly celebrated by spectators and embraced by few. From an outside perspective, grind and hustle are often touted as the keys to achieving elevation and satisfaction in the form of stature and prominence, regardless of profession—despite the evidence of natural laws, as expressed through the force of gravity, which guarantee a leveling and return to start. For artists and creatives, the reality of those laws were aptly summarized within several family anecdotes of renown author, essayist and actor Carrie Fisher—as she once remarked on the decline of her parents’ careers: “Celebr

Art in the Face of Criticism: How to Maintain Focus as an Artist or Creative.

An artist’s mantle can be a difficult undertaking—as the very pursuit of their craft requires vulnerability in the sharing of thoughts, beliefs, perspective and personal experiences that form the narrative of their work. With every creative work, an artist knowingly opens the door to criticism, whether justified or unwarranted, that can potentially derail focus and compound the weight of self-criticism and doubt. In a medium that is commercially dependent on public valuation, how can artists and creatives condition themselves towards objectivity in a pull-no-punches marketplace—or conversely retain their focus under the bright of fame and acceptance? The key towards successfully weathering c

The Principles of Creative Abundance: How to Navigate Economic Ebbs and Loss within the Marketplace.

When markets become unstable, the resulting domino-effect immediately prompts a reassessment of inventory and resources by businesses and consumers, informing their behavior amidst economic turmoil and uncertainty. As artists and creatives work to adapt to the economic ebb tide resulting from the global spread of coronavirus, they are also faced with reassessing the ratio of their creative and financial reserves against the realities of the marketplace in reevaluating their personal and professional priorities and investments. Despite the obvious need for practicality and realism in managing resources, efforts towards self preservation can sometimes inadvertently lead to a rationing of faith

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