How to Cultivate Focus and Drive: Perspective for Artists and Creatives.

Every artist is a working artist—whether full-time or part-time. Regardless of the level of professional engagement, focus, optimism and drive are key components in artists successfully navigating the valleys and challenges of the creative career. For artists holding a day-job, as a means to supplement income, maintaining and cultivating focus and drive amidst the obligations of a secondary employer can prove difficult—particularly when it carries the additional distraction of toxic environments and personalities, coupled with logistical challenges that work to bury the lede of the full-time creative career that they are working towards. In balancing day-job commitments that compete with cre

How to Gain Satisfaction in the Face of Loss: Perspective for Artists and Creatives.

Gratitude is universally lauded as an essential attribute in successfully weathering the unanticipated storms of the creative career—providing context towards experiences of loss, as well as the associated personal and professional sacrifices required along the way. Ironically, although challenges and hardships can collectively broaden awareness of the true and intangible equities of life, those same experiences can also conversely create a sense of disillusionment for those working to reconcile the disparity between their professional reality and their ambitions. In a career that mandates a heart of gratitude, as the antidote towards anxiety, loss and disappointment, how can artists and cre

How to Achieve Closure and Successfully Navigate Change in Creative Partnerships.

As all things do, relationships eventually come to an end, due to varying circumstances. In the case of creative and entrepreneurial partnerships, sometimes they end amicably in agreement with all parties going their separate ways. At other times, they can end abruptly, due to professional conflict, bankruptcy or betrayal, with the impacted party sometimes only becoming aware of their fate in the final seconds of the door closing--similar to the unforgettable scene within the final act of The Godfather Part II, in which Michael Corleone closes the door on his wife, ending their relationship. On those occasions, there is little to no opportunity to recoup shared stakes or value, amidst the im

Prayer and Meditation: The Self-Care Advantage for Artists & Creatives.

In the weeks following the roll-out of shelter-in-place mandates toward flattening the curve against COVID-19, the practice of self-care has become an increasingly important tool for creatives in combating stress and strengthening immunity against the virus—as they continue to retool their platforms to virtually engage with audiences. The state-mandated social-distancing and self-isolation protective measures have also presented an unexpected opportunity for introspection and heightened self-awareness for some artists—providing time and space in support of self-exploration and self-discovery. Unfortunately, these same protective measures have ironically worked to compound existing stress for

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