Humility: The Path to Creative Affluence.

Some artists aspire to a creative career with ambitions towards achieving a level of affluence that will afford them a luxury lifestyle of ease and creature comforts, as they embark on their creative journeys. Unfortunately, the road chosen can sometimes lead to the development of a self-serving creativity based in ego that centers on the fulfillment of superficial appetites and the dead-heading of talents and creative calling. Renaissance artist, rock musician, producer and actor Lenny Kravitz gave voice to the effects of consumption-based creativity and the benefits of maintaining creative hunger towards productivity, amidst the critical and financial success achieved over the course of hi

Self-Awareness: The Key to Creative Power.

An artist’s awareness of their strengths and shortcomings is critical to the creative process. It is an indicator of the maturity and emotional IQ that are intrinsic to the art of storytelling and their ability to effectively communicate the unique and shared aspects of the human experience through the window of craft—as paralleled in the popular quote by essayist, poet and philosopher, Henry David Thoreau: “Maturity is when all your mirrors turn into windows.” Rap icon, artist, producer and innovator, DJ Quik spoke on the importance of self-awareness, during an episode of TV One’s Unsung, chronicling his career—which also profiled the lyrics of the introspective single “You’z a Ganxta”, out

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